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Category Menu Items

This is another general WordPress question that I see quite often: how can I create a menu item that displays a page of posts belonging to a particular category? For example, let’s say I have a site about animals, and I’ve created a category called Dogs and a category called Cats, and by clicking on… Read More »

Dummy Menu Items

I often come across questions from beginning WP developers asking how to create menu items which do not link to a physical page. That is, hovering over the menu item should expand the sub-menu, but clicking on the main menu item should not cause anything to happen, only the sub-menu items should link to another… Read More »

Vertical Mobile Menu

This page shows how a fully displayed menu can be shown on mobile widths instead of a drop-down menu. It utilizes a sidebar which is hidden on desktop widths, but is displayed using a media query on mobile widths. To see how it works, shrink the width of your browser window until it reaches the… Read More »

Ribbon Menu with Logo

This is a cute implementation of a ribbon-style menu with a logo at one end. A hamburger menu appears in place of the regular drop-down menu on mobile viewport widths. You can see the full Montezuma-themed site here.

Hamburger Menu, Top

This hamburger demo places the mobile menu at the top of the screen. You can see it in action by re-sizing this page to the same width as a tablet or smart phone.

Basic Hamburger Menu

This post demonstrates a basic hamburger menu that replaces the default drop-down menu on mobile viewport sizes. To see a demonstration, re-size this browser window until it is the same width as a smart phone or tablet, and you will see an icon appear with three, short horizontal lines. Clicking or tapping on the icon… Read More »