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Fixed Borders

        Had a question about how to recreate the fixed borders as seen on this page. It’s not too difficult, all you need to do is first fix the header at the top (and add some Javascript if you want to scale down the menu after the user scrolls down the page),… Read More »

Category Menu Items

This is another general WordPress question that I see quite often: how can I create a menu item that displays a page of posts belonging to a particular category? For example, let’s say I have a site about animals, and I’ve created a category called Dogs and a category called Cats, and by clicking on… Read More »

Dummy Menu Items

I often come across questions from beginning WP developers asking how to create menu items which do not link to a physical page. That is, hovering over the menu item should expand the sub-menu, but clicking on the main menu item should not cause anything to happen, only the sub-menu items should link to another… Read More »

Changing the Blue Color

As you’ve probably noticed, the one predominant color in the theme is a bluish color (hex color code #0090d3). For example, all of the titles & links have this blue color. The colors for this particular post were changed to red. Changing the color throughout your site isn’t difficult, but can be tedious. You would… Read More »

Blank Thumbnail Images on Firefox

On some installations of Montezuma, when viewed with Firefox, there seems to be a problem where the grayscale thumbnail doesn’t display properly on blog pages. Instead of the gray thumbnail, you’ll see a blank, white image. However, hovering over the thumbnail with the mouse transitions to the color image as usual.

Menu Below Site Title

By default, the top part of the header in Montezuma is divided into two areas: on the left is the site title and tag line (the description of the site), and on the right is the navigation menu. Lots of designers like having the navigation menu below the site title. This gives more room for… Read More »

An Embedded Video

A short video clip of Stephanie’s highlights in El Segundo’s game against Centennial HS on Dec. 23, 2012. Note that the video appears on the blog page. That’s because a postformat-video sub template was created and the call to bfa_excerpt() was changed to the_content(). Then the post itself was set to Video instead of Standard.