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If you’ve somehow managed to reach this page, then you’re probably curious about my background and/or experience. I’ve been developing web sites on a very small scale for about 15 years, first with straight HTML and then moving on to ASP before settling on using WordPress as my framework of choice. Web development is not my primary occupation. Although I am a professional programmer, I work primarily on legacy mainframes which run old, but reliable, operating systems like MVS.

Right now I am maintaining three different WordPress installations for other groups/organizations (Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, Lady Eagles Basketball, and No Limit Vision) along with a few personal web sites (including this one). My theme of choice is Montezuma, and if you read the About Montezuma page on this site, you’ll see why. The theme is great for “old school” web developers like myself who understand how HTML and CSS work. It gives tremendous flexibility in customizing the look of a site without having to create a child theme, making it the perfect “fits all” type of theme.

If I’ve managed to help you solve a problem, feel free to give me a shout-out on Twitter (@crouchingbruin).

If I’ve managed to help you solve some sort of problem with regards to Montezuma, I hope you will become a Gold Member of the Bytes for All community by donating to the theme developers and support personnel. Your donation will help fund further development and support of the theme (note: I have no affiliation with Bytes For All, other than being a very satisfied user of their theme, and I would not personally benefit from any donation, but that’s OK).

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. wesleyboz@musicanddance.com

    Just finished my site using DS Creations – Business Line Theme

    Found out that the site is not mobile friendly after I had done 99% of the creation work. May question is – How do I get the main menu to show up at the top and have the main slide show rotating images show up too? I do not want the Swing Fusion Live page showing up. P.S i am not a techie by profession.


    Wesley Boz

    1. Ron Post author

      Hi, Wesley:

      How do I get the main menu to show up at the top …

      You’re probably going to need to make a child theme and edit the header.php file to move the navigation menu element before the site title/logo.

      … and have the main slide show rotating images show up too?

      That is going to be problematic. The slider gets hidden at mobile screen widths with a CSS media query, which isn’t difficult to override. However, the width of the slides gets set to 1050px by some JavaScript code every time a slide changes, and that would be difficult to override. In other words, you can display the slider fairly easily, but the slides are going to be very wide, wider than the width of a cell phone.

      I do not want the Swing Fusion Live page showing up.

      You don’t want it showing up in the slider at all? I don’t know how the slides get created and deleted, so I can’t help you in that regards.

      I would try posting your questions over at the theme author’s support forum. Or if your question is urgent, to pay for a higher level of support from D5 Creation.

  2. mallory

    Hi Ron,
    I see that you’ve been able to help others for something I think is rather simple. I’d like to create a drop down menu on my main navigation page (sidebar). Under catering, I’d like to show on mouse hover, the pages that are listed in my secondary menu, the catering options which are 6 different pages. I’m a little new at coding but have accomplished other tasks in the editor/style sheet page. Can you help me?
    Thanks in advance,


    1. Ron Post author

      Hi, Mallory. That is probably do-able. What happens now when you add another menu item, i.e., a sub-menu item, under the Catering menu item?

    1. Ron Post author

      Shamin, you should post your question on the Enigma support forum. It seems that they are very responsive to questions over there and would know more about the Enigma theme than I would. Thanks.

    1. Ron Post author

      Brian, can you please post a link to the site in question?
      All of the widgets will have a unique ID associated with it, so in your links, you just need to add a #text-48 to the end of your links, like this:

      <a href="http://example.com/#text-48" rel="nofollow">Twitter widget</a>
    1. Ron Post author

      Hi, Liz:

      Do you mean when you look at the Location page on a cell phone, you get a lot of extra space to the right? That’s because the embedded Google map is an iframe with a set width attribute of 400px. What you can do is add an inline style to make the map have a width of 100% when the screen width is less than 400px.

      Go edit that page. Somewhere near the top, add this (make sure you are using the Text editor and not the Visual editor):

      @media only screen and (max-width: 400px) {
      iframe {width: 100%;}
  3. Jose Prieto

    Hello Ron ! Since I have noticed that you are a PRO on this subject. Can you tell me where I am supposed to paste the following code to rearrange my Theme:

    /* Flexbox container */
    #content {
    display: -webkit-flex;
    display: flex;
    -webkit-flex-direction: column;
    flex-direction: column;

    #focus {
    order: 2;
    #aboutus {
    order: 1;
    #team {
    order: 3;
    #testimonials {
    order: 4;
    #latestnews {
    order: 5;
    #contact {
    order: 6;
    #footer {
    order: 7;

    Thank you !!

    1. Ron Post author

      The basic principle when making changes to a theme is to not make changes to any theme files itself (like style.css), because those changes will be lost the next time the theme is updated. Montezuma is a nice theme in that respect because it uses virtual CSS files which are stored in a database, and those virtual CSS files are protected from theme updates.

      However, just as a general rule for any theme, the first choice is to see if the theme has a Custom CSS option. Some themes do (like Montezuma), most do not. If the theme does have a Custom CSS option, add your overriding CSS rules there.

      The second choice is to use a CSS plugin. Many designers already have Jetpack installed with their theme, and Jetpack has a Custom CSS option (it needs to be activated, though, by going to Jetpack → Settings). Once nice feature of Jetpack is that it places its inline stylesheet just before the opening <body> tag, so it’s easier to write overriding CSS rules using identical selectors. I also like Custom CSS Manager because it allows me to make changes to the admin pages as well (login & dashboard).

      The third choice is to create a child theme and add your CSS to your child theme’s style.css file. Some designers might have already created a child theme to modify a .php file, so this would probably be the second option rather than the third for those individuals.


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