This is a demo site for the Montezuma Theme, one of the most customizable (and free!) themes available.

Fixed Borders 7

        Had a question about how to recreate the fixed borders as seen on this page. It’s not too difficult, all you need to do is first fix the header at the top (and add some Javascript if you want to scale down the menu after the user scrolls down the page), ...

Scalable Header Image

Most themes which offer a header image as one of its options have a common problem: the entire image often does not get displayed, i.e., the header is too short or the sides of the image get cut off, especially as the screen width gets narrowed. The reason behind this is that in most cases, ...

Using jQuery to Change Images 1

Using jQuery to Change Images
This post is an example of how to change an image “in place” when the mouse is hovered over different areas.

Adding Google Analytics to Your Site

Adding Google Analytics to Your Site
Adding Google Analytics to your site is very easy. You first need to get your scripting code from Google Analytics.

Vertical Menu

A demo of how to create a vertical menu.

Index with Two Columns of Posts

This is a demo of how to create an index/blog page which has the post excerpts tiled in two columns.

Index with Left Thumbnail

This is a demo of how to create an index/blog page using a thumbnail of the featured image floated to the left of the blog excerpt.

Full Width Post

This post uses a custom main template that should extend across the width of the screen.

Category Menu Items

This is another general WordPress question that I see quite often: how can I create a menu item that displays a page of posts belonging to a particular category? For example, let’s say I have a site about animals, and I’ve created a category called Dogs and a category called Cats, and by clicking on ...

Dummy Menu Items

I often come across questions from beginning WP developers asking how to create menu items which do not link to a physical page. That is, hovering over the menu item should expand the sub-menu, but clicking on the main menu item should not cause anything to happen, only the sub-menu items should link to another ...